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Aliceone May 16 '18

I'm running skelly warriors with bone sculptor with victarios influence for auras femurs of the saints for my skelly setup and skullhead because why not, the rest are just rares, what should i look for in these rares and which lab enchants should i try to find? If you need poe orbs cheap in game, you can choose u4gm.com sale cheap poe currency.

I think a good rare Bone Helmet is probably better than skullhead. You don't need an enchant then. Can't think of anything special for your rares. Get as much life as possible, the stats you need and cap your resis. You can try alberons as boots and grip of the council but the reduced ms hurts. If you use zombies or have some duration nodes, the To Dust jewel will give your skeles quite a bit of dps.

Played a melee skelly necro in Bestiary, it was amazing.

- Bone Helmet with no Enchant for helm. Ideally Elder base with minion life/damage can really help to put your specters/zombies/guardian into.

- Shaped Gloves with Blind support. Blind on your zombies is literally a game changer. Especially when paired with:

- Abyss jewel with 8% chance minion taunt on hit. Between this and the blind and all your zombies/skellies hitting enemies, enemies will almost never target you directly. Note I didn't have a shaped glove with blind, i just put blind as a support with my zombies. Don't forget to craft 15% minion damage on the gloves slot

- If you're running triple Purities, Watcher Eye jewel with %phys taken as ele while affected by purity of X is amazing. Can stack with Shaper/Elder chest, or Lightning Coil, or Cloak of Flames, and some other sources.

- Alternatively, just stack as much HP as possible, Queen's Escape 6L for skellies, and wear a Belly or Kaoms.