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MANILA, Oct. 20 (Xinhua) -- Philippine President Benigno Aquino III on Monday dismissed calls to repeal the Visiting Forces Agreement (VFA) forged by the country with the United States following the murder of a Filipino transgender allegedly committed by a U.S. Marine.

"Why do we need to abrogate VFA? Name me any place that doesn't have crime," Aquino told reporters in an interview in the central Philippine province of Leyte.

What is important, he said, is for local authorities to be able to gather enough evidence to pin down the perpetrator of the crime so that justice will be served.

The murder of Jeffrey Laude, alias "Jennifer," allegedly committed by Private First Class Joseph Scott Pemberton renewed calls by various groups to abolish the VFA -- a pact that allows the presence of U.S. forces in the Philippines.

Aquino, however, made an assurance that Philippine authorities are determined to pursue justice for Laude.

"At the very least, we are making sure, based on the treaty, that Pemberton is available or the suspects are available for investigation in any and all judicial processes," he said.

Under the VFA, the Philippine government has jurisdiction over the case but Washington has custody of an accused U.S. soldier. Manila could, however, request for custody of a suspect.

Earning an online PhD might not be something most people think about yet, but in the future, this will be a standard educational option. Not all schools offer this type of program, but those that do are certainly giving their students a major advantage. For those who want to consider earning a doctorate degree, this can allow them more flexibility and that is certainly helpful once one already has their bachelor's. With this kind of education, you can go far.

It is important to note that working professionals are often the ones who consider earning their doctorate degree this way. They may need to work full time and that does not allow them to attend classes the way they otherwise might. In addition, an online PhD offers them a flexible and affordable solution that might be more suitable to their needs. All of these advantages are important to consider if you are working in your field of choice.

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